Heavenstrike Rivals
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Heavenstrike Rivals
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Heavenstrike Rivals Description

Embark on a strategic adventure, assemble a team of fearless fighters and charge the battlefield! Taking on infernal creatures as well as other players won't be easy, but if there's one hero brave enough to face the dangers of fantasy warfare, it's you...


The Seven Sisters of Lunnain need your help. They’re in a serious pickle and as a valiant hero, you are the only one strong enough to bring them back home and to safety. This is no easy task that can be done in just one day, of course. It will send you on numerous quests across the fantasy realms of Heavenstrike Rivals. The mobile game combines both RPG and strategy elements thanks to its blend of customizable characters and tactical battles. Collect in-game currency and climb the leaderboards of the free app and soon you will not only unlock up to 230 unique units, but also upgrade their abilities and make their attacks more dangerous than ever before.

Real-time strategic battles await you in Heavenstrike Rivals. Instead of mashing buttons to get the job done, the key to winning a fight is to deploy the right units at the right time and - most importantly - know the skills they bring to battlefield. While some troops are deadly assassins waiting to unleash their burst potential, others are meat-shields that will absorb as much damage as possible or redirect attacks with the help of taunting abilities. No matter what your units specialize in, the mobile game rewards commanders that come up with innovative ways to take out opposing targets. The better you fare, the quicker you will conquer the Sacred League and claim snazzy prizes.

The competitive mobile game brought to you by Square Enix (Nosgoth) gives players the chance to put together their own squad of powerful champions, each with their own special way of dealing with the soldiers of the Fallen Army. Just take Mata Swiftblade for instance: She is a nimble warrior that can bust out a battlecry if necessary and weaken enemies. Another rare unit is Magnus Stonepress, a berserker ready to channel his rage into devastating attacks.

Heavenstrike Rivals, a game similar to Aerena and The Banner Saga, is available for iOS and Android.

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Heavenstrike Rivals Tests

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Heavenstrike Rivals News

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