Hearthstone: Winning Decks for Every Class

11/30/2013 09:05 am by Anna Radak in Tips & TricksDownload GamesCard Games

Going up against random players in Hearthstone can be really frustrating, to say the least. You never know which class you’re up against, you have no idea how their deck is built and you always have to be prepared for legendary cards to come your way. So what’s there to consider when you make a deck in the free-to-play card game? We have gathered a couple of tips for you:

Taunt, Taunt, Taunt

Put up them shields!

Having a handful of minions that have Taunt as their special ability is always a good thing - no matter which deck you are going for. These cards not only take damage for you, but also keep opponents from hitting you with everything they have. You will have to decide for yourself which cards you want to include in your setup, but we highly recommend having at least one Fen Creeper and Sen’jin Shieldmasta. While the former is a great minion for your starting hand, the latter has great value for only four mana crystals. Due to Enrage, Warriors and Mages will probably lean more towards the Tauren Warrior.

Balance is Key

A little bit of everything.

Weak minions that only cost one or two mana crystals are perfect to start out with; heavy hitters such as the Core Hound or the War Golem are essential to late gameplay. But having too many low cost or high cost critters is not the way to win. What is though? Balanced decks. Make sure to have a little bit of everything and then you will be good to go. Trust us!

Drawing Cards

Druids are excellent at drawing cards, as are Mages.

Having a well-balanced deck doesn’t mean anything if you’re unable to actually get the cards into your hand. Never underestimate the power of being able to draw additional cards. Warlocks have it quite easy with their hero power, but every other class will probably have trouble at winning a match without any outside help. We like to include two Novice Engineers in every single deck we create, plus various class-specific spells that allow us to draw even more cards. Just make sure to not go overboard - when your hand is full, excess cards will be destroyed.

Clear the Coast

So. Many. Minions.

There’s always that one moment where one player just puts out one card after the other and fills the arena with an army of minions. And that moment truly sucks - unless you have spells to wipe the board clean. It’s always a good idea to have cards like Arcane Explosion, Flamestrike or Hellfire. That way, you can clear the board within just a couple of seconds, giving you time to breathe and recollect yourself. We recommend putting more than just one of these in your deck.
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