Hearthstone: How to Unlock Free Card Packs

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Building customized decks is an essential part of Hearthstone, Blizzard’s first free-to-play card game. Choosing the right minions, spells and weapons can decide whether you win or lose a match, granted you are lucky enough to draw the right cards. Feel free to purchase card packs with real money in the in-game store if you have enough pocket money stashed away - but we’d recommend unlocking cards the classy way.

Remember that there are currently 300 cards in total and that every card pack has at least one rare card in it. Who knows, you might even get a legendary? Here are a couple of easy ways to unlock new cards:

Hero Levels

Even losing gives you experience points.

Playing against A.I. opponents in Practice Mode is the easiest way to level up your hero. Every class has various basic cards that can be unlocked simply by collecting experience and reaching the next level. These cards will help you bulk up your deck with class-specific abilities and make it easier to challenge other, more experienced players early on.

Quests and Achievements

A good way to get extra gold coins.

There are a couple of missions in Hearthstone for you to play through, the first one being “Ready to Go! - here, you will have to unlock every hero as a playable character to earn bonus currency. Completing certain tasks and achievements such as casting 40 spells, winning 7 games in any game mode or getting a class all the way up to level 10 will quickly fill your treasure chest with enough gold coins to either purchase new card packs or enter the Arena.

The Arena

We'd pick Uther - Paladins ftw!

Before you can enter this game mode, you will have to cough up either 150 gold coins or $1.99 to battle against other players. Except for your first round, that one's a freebie. Pushing through Arena matches is the best way to unlock free card packs, gain cold coins and arcane dust or sneak a peek at new cards, as you will not only be asked to randomly pick a deck, but also a hero class. Your final reward depends on how well you did during your stay in the Arena - the more you win, the better the treasure.


Recycling, the Hearthstone way.

Arcane Dust is gathered by finishing Arena matches or disenchanting cards you no longer need. Everything other than basic cards can be destroyed to collect the blue-colored dust, which then is used to craft new cards. To show you how much Arcane Dust is needed in order to conjure up a new one, we’ve prepared a quick overview for you.

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