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  • Play a free card game with your favorite Blizzard characters
  • Build a unique deck to set yourself apart from other players
  • Compete against players from all around the world
  • Play wherever and whenever you feel like it - on your PC, phone, or tablet
  • Explore new sets of cards whenever a new update is released
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Play Blizzard's Trading Card Game, Hearthstone, for Free!

In Hearthstone you need to defeat any opponents you come across by arranging the perfect deck and executing your strategy to perfection.


Though Hearthstone is the first completely free to play title released by Blizzard, the setting is one that most will be familiar with; the Warcraft Universe. The heroes that will be at your disposal have been pulled directly from the class options in World of Warcraft, allowing you to choose between Paladins, Priests, Shamans, Warriors and others. Many of the spells and abilities have also been taken straight from former Warcraft games, often even with similar spell effects. Aside from the spells and classes, Hearthstone heads in a completely different direction than any of the previous entries in the franchise.

Rather than controlling a hero in an action packed, fast-paced 3D environment, you will have to make much more calculated and strategic decisions. Though you won’t start with all cards in Hearthstone available to you, you can begin to work out the strategies of the game from the entry level set of cards you will have and any others that you collect along the way. Learn how the various cards are best used during a match and adjust your strategies accordingly. With the addition of single-player adventures or full-blown expansion, Blizzard is making sure that more unique cards are added on a regular basis, changing up the meta along the way.

One unique feature you will learn about after spending a bit of time with the game is the card crafting system, whereby you can create your very own cards to use in battle and make your arsenal all your own, totally different than any other out there. There is also a measure for the rarity of cards, ranging from the common (white) to the legendary (orange). The color coding mirrors that from World of Warcraft and all of the expansions, with all of the intermediate degrees of rarity corresponding to the same levels as in the MMORPG. Perhaps the most exciting part of all is that in addition to being developed for PC users, Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft is also available on iOS and Android mobile devices, meaning tablets and smartphones. Play the card game while on the go!

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