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Happy Chef
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Happy Chef Description

Open up one successful restaurant after the other and keep all customers happy by coming up with delicious dishes while on the go. Cook burgers, mix fruit cocktails and throw meat on the grill to create tasty meals and unlock new ingredients...


Everyone loves a good burger, right? Right! That’s why it is up to you to turn a simple joint into a bustling restaurant and cater to all different kinds of customers. Happy Chef is available on all mobile devices for free. You learn new recipes as you follow the path of the female protagonist that has taken it upon herself to continue her father’s legacy. She starts out as a complete newbie in the cooking world and so do you. What a convenient timing for you both to learn the ropes and explore the mobile app together. Once Nordcurrent (Cooking Fever) has taught you to be whip up dishes while on the go, new ingredients will be added to your menu. In just a few levels, simple burgers will turn into special creations that will woo the crowd and convince customers to leave a hefty tip.

Whether it be pancakes or exquisite fish dishes: Cooking a meal to perfection in Happy Chef is far from easy, especially when you have impatient diners waiting for their flawless plate of food. Swipe your fingers across the touchscreen of your smartphone or tablet to put meat on the grill, prepare side dishes and always have a leaf of iceberg lettuce ready for decoration purposes. That is not all the free cooking game has to offer, though. Drinks will also have to be mixed and made for anyone that is in the mood for a cocktail, coffee or fruit juice. Thankfully, most beverages are prepared instantly.

Happy Chef is a mobile game that is split into different chapters. You will embark on a new culinary crusade with every new restaurant you open. From classic American cuisine to exotic spices from the Far East: Every meal in this cooking simulation needs to be cooked with love and attention to deal. Upgrade the restaurant décor and unlock new features to make sure all customers are comfortable while waiting for you to finish a dish. This includes a new radio, sturdy tables and new lampshades!

Happy Chef Screenshots

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