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Happy Chef 2
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  • Simulation
  • Time Management
  • Restaurant
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Happy Chef 2 Description

Embark on a culinary journey and join other chefs online in opening up new restaurants, cooking up magnificent dishes and coming up with new menus along the way. Play the free app on your computer and iOS, Android or Windows mobile device.


Nordcurrent has returned with a sequel to Happy Chef! In Happy Chef 2, you will once again take the culinary world by storm. Open up one restaurant after the next and wow both judges and regular customers with your tasty treats. Different cuisines from all round the world await you in this mobile game, ranging from Indian curry to classic Italian pasta and pizza. Each diner comes with a new set of levels in which you will have to put your cooking skills to the test and whip up some magical dishes to convince even the pickiest of eaters. Getting the spices and cooking time right isn’t the only way to success in this free-to-play app, as customers also expect you to be quick. Every guest will enter you establishment hungry and expect to be served right away, so we recommend preparing a few plates of each dish just to be safe in particularly stressful levels.

You won’t be thrown into the deep end right away, of course. Happy Chef 2 offers both newbies and veteran players of cooking games a tutorial that will show them the ropes of how to cook, how to clean and how to treat customers right. It is next to impossible to anticipate a customer’s wish, so you will have to be quick on your toes to satisfy them all. The quicker you have the meal ready, the heftier the tip they will leave as an added bonus. These extra coins can decide between victory and defeat in later levels, especially if you are looking to complete every challenge with the best possible rating. In-game resources in Happy Chef 2 can be used to unlock new upgrades, buy new kitchen appliances or purchase better ingredients. Angry customers will leave your restaurant without paying a single dime. Avoid sticky situations in this time management game and you will be fine!

The cash you earn by playing through new missions in Happy Chef 2 can also be used to place new decorations within your restaurants. This may seem superficial at first, but customers will feel more relaxed in an environment that’s not only clean, but also visually appealing. And by relaxed we mean more willing to patiently wait for their food and leave a tip. Use the touchscreen technology of your iOS, Android or Windows device to swiftly complete orders and work on your menu. Each ingredient has a different cooking time, so it’s essential to always keep an eye on the grill or stove in this free-to-play app. Why? Because throwing away burnt meat, seafood or veggies will cost you big time!

Happy Chef 2 Screenshots

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