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Halo Online
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Halo Online Description

Experience the Halo universe for free in this online shooter! Fast-paced action battles and multiplayer missions await you, so strap on your favorite armor, pick up a weapon, and let fellow sci-fi soldiers know that you're in it for the long haul...


Whether it’s through the means of a Beyoncé song or a sci-fi shooter series brought to you by Bungie: Almost everyone has heard of Halo. Since we’re, we're obviously more inclined to go into detail about the latter rather than the former. The Halo franchise has been around since 2001, spawning multiple sequels and installments over the years and introducing thousands of players to a world much different than our own. In this futuristic setting, an interstellar war is raging and humankind is trying its best to fight off the Covenant. Have you ever played any of the Halo games? If so, this online game will strike a familiar chord. If not, fret not! Everyone is welcome to join Halo Online, no matter the experience.

Halo Online is one of the very few free-to-play installments of the video game series, making it easier than ever for players to join the fun and not worry about spending too much money on their favorite pastime. Powered by the Halo 3 engine, this online game has enough potential to impress both high maintenance gamers and those who are still running older PCs. Yes, PCs: Halo Online was developed for computers and there are no plans to bring the game to other platforms such as the Xbox One. At least for now...

In Halo Online, you will engage in multiplayer battles and team up with other soldiers on a space installation that’s been given the name Anvil. Here, your character will follow the path of a true sci-fi warrior and earn experience by taking on missions and pledging allegiance to fellow fighters. You will find yourself among friends and foes in this free-to-play shooter, and it’s up to you to figure out who is who! Take on other players or lend a helping hand in group missions as you gather items and feed the game’s economy with your hard-earned resources...

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Halo Online Screenshots

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Halo Online Videos

  • Halo Online: Russian Gameplay Trailer

    04/07/2015 05:18 am - Halo fans from all over the world look forward to playing the new free-to-play installment. Alas, Halo Online will only be available for the Russian gaming community at first. Watch the first trailer below and cross your fingers it'll make its way...more

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