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Hailan Rising
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Hailan Rising Description

The world has been torn asunder and very few have survived the terrible flood. The two remaining nations now fight to claim the land as their own. Who will you fight for?


As the world of Hailan has been ravaged by a great flood, very few people are left to fight for the land. This is where you come in: as a combatant for your nation. You must choose between two nations in Hailan Rising and defeat your opponents in PvP combat.

Hailan Rising does not focus on your traditional leveling system like most games in the MMORPG genre. Instead, there is a system that puts you right in the thick of things when you start off. You will be able to take on other players immediately without having to worry about being too low of a level.

Because of the unique progression system in Hailan Rising, you will have to better your character some other way. This is where the coin collection comes into play. You will need to collect coins which you can use to boost your skills and make your character better.

There are eight different classes to play in Hailan Rising. Each one has its own unique skills and abilities which you can boost up to eleven times with the coins that you collect. Right from the start, you will have your entire skill tree available to you.

You can also cross skills from different classes through earning your achievements. Hailan Rising offers you the chance to purchase skills from say, the warrior class, even though you are a mage. This is what makes the combat system unique and exciting – you never know what the player you’re attacking has in store for you!

Numerous enemies await you in the destroyed world of Hailan as you battle it out for control and domination. Choose your side and claim victory as your own by utilizing your unique set of skills to destroy other players in intense combat.

by Kyle Hayth

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