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Habbo Description

An online community awaits you in this free-to-play social game, where you must personalize your avatar, make friends and construct your own personal Habbo space. Greet players from around the world and engage in an online chat room like no other.


Habbo starts off by letting you choose your avatar. Choose to play as a male or a female, and customize your character with a variety of different looks. Choose to clothe your character in unique outfits to set yourself apart from all the other players, altering your character's appearance however you like by changing their facial features, their clothing, and even their hair. Once you are happy with the appearance of your avatar, it’s time step foot into the wonderful world of Habbo!

This free-to-play MMO game is essentially a social network, where people from around the world engage in online chat and explore each others' rooms. However, there are numerous other features which makes this social networking game unique. Each peep will have their own statistics and it’s up to you to grow a profile, gain experience points, and improve your achievement scores. Consequently, other players will trust you and want to become your friend. You can talk to the other peeps once you have befriended them. You will find that you meet a lot of people from all over the world. There are small in-game challenges that you can complete in order to earn more currency, but mainly this is a game of social interaction between you and other players online.

Build your own funky room, using a variety of furniture which you can purchase using your hard-earned Habbo currency. There are seemingly endless items that you can buy to make your space look as funky as possible. Whether you are decorating the inside or the outside of your property, there is bound to be the item you need in the Habbo catalogue. From giant magical flowers, to ornate garden furniture, to comfy sofas, and lava lamps. Make your room look as cool as possible to attract more Habbo peeps. If you run out of Habbo coins, don’t worry,there are many in game achievements for you to engage in, where you can earn currency with which to buy even more furniture!

Habbo Screenshots

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