H1Z1: Screamer Zombie Dev Diary

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Screamer Zombie Coming to H1Z1

The upcoming free-to-play zombie game H1Z1 is getting some cool new content. Daybreak Studios has just released a developer diary showing off one of their new zombies, and it looks cool.

In an official announcement, the latest addition to the zombie horde has been shown off by Daybreak Games. The screamer zombie is a brand new enemy with some interesting game-mechanics. Instead of blindly fumbling towards the player after some tasty brains, this zombie will let out a blood-curdling scream and notify all other zombies nearby that there’s fresh meat on the menu.

The Screamer Zombie in H1Z1

Screamer Zombie

The new zombie looks nothing like any of the other enemies that players have become used to in H1Z1, and this is completely intentional. The designers behind the game wanted this zombie to have a different silhouette and be noticeable amongst the horde due to how deadly the screamer can be. Unsuspecting and careless adventurers can be completely surrounded by zombies in no time at all if they haven’t noticed the presence of a screamer around.

The design of the new zombie has been based on a mental asylum patient, complete with a straitjacket and a mask for added spookiness. Missing its lower jaw, the sight of a screamer zombie should be enough to stop and survivor in their tracks and think twice about getting any closer. H1Z1 will be completely free-to-play on release, but for those that want to get involved in the early-access phase of development, it is available on Steam for $19.99.

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