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What to expect:
  • Delve into a survival game
  • Fight against zombies, wild animals, and other survivors
  • Build and craft objects and weapons to defend yourself
  • Experience an RPG with many sandbox elements
  • Explore a postapocalyptic open world
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H1Z1 - Play a Post-Apocalyptic Zombie Game

A virus has extinguished almost all of humankind. Not many survivors are left. You are one of them. Fight for your life in H1Z1!


A virus has extinguished almost all of humankind. Not many survivors are left. You are one of them. Fight for your life in H1Z1!

The sandbox game H1Z1 is the MMO title that zombie fans have been waiting for their entire life as gamers. Ever since George A. Romero’s iconic Dawn of the Dead, or more recently AMC’s The Walking Dead, video gamers have wanted nothing more than to delve into a digital apocalyptic world in which they have to fight for their survival on a daily basis. Zombie fans not only enjoy the gory elements of survival horror shows and movies, but also the social bonding that occurs in these desperate worlds; they relish the freedom that an apocalypse like this brings for the survivors; and they want to be challenged to be resourceful, smart, and cunning. All of this will become reality in Sony Online Entertainment’s (SOE) H1Z1.

Survival MMO

The sandbox MMO will allow you to do anything that you need to in order to survive the day-to-day dangers that lurk around every corner. You will need to find food, seek shelter, and fight wild animals, hostile humans, and, naturally, the living dead. If you decide to fend for yourself, keep in mind that you are living in a cruel post-apocalyptic world. You will cherish any help that you can get. There will be times when you will direly need an item and will do anything to trade it for something you can spare. There are loads of different weapons available in H1Z1, but the problem is finding one. Resources are scarce, so it’s not always easy to find the weapon you want. Remember, the best weapon is the weapon that you have.

Build Your Own Base

The developers want to keep all options open for you. Build a shelter for yourself or group up with other players to establish a communal fortress. Travel through the world and find abandoned buildings that could potentially become a new home. Hunt for food and kill anything that crosses your way, or become a farmer and defend your farm against the walking dead and other hostile attackers. As you travel around the world you can collect resources to help fortify your home base. As always, you have to be careful of other players, as your base will be a magnet for others looking for some easy resources.

Multiple Game Modes

If PvE zombie survival is taking its toll, then there’s a full PvP mode called Battle Royale. In Battle Royale 50 players are put to the test as they fight to be the last man standing on the map. Anyone that places higher than tenth gets a whole load of cool in-game rewards for free. The items up for grabs are gift bags, event tickets, and airdrop tickets for more H1Z1 weapons. There are even tournaments with real cash prizes. Check out our guide to Battle Royale in H1Z1 here if you want to learn more.

Fully Dynamic World

The world in “Anytown, USA” in H1Z1 is a fully living and breathing environment. There is a constant shift between day and night, complete with a dynamic weather cycle to constantly keep you on your toes. On top of this all of the wildlife in the game also have to adhere to the circle of life; all animals need to eat in order to survive. This means that it’s not only zombies and other players that you need to be careful of, especially when there are bears and wolves around. The zombie game really does have a rich and diverse environment full of things to explore.

H1Z1 is truly an open-world sandbox game that you can turn into the kind of gaming experience that you desire. It is an action game for those that explore the massive region; it is a survival farm game for those that tend to their home. Create, build, farm, kill, and survive. IF H1Z1 seems like the right game for you, then click the button to head to the main website.

H1Z1 Screenshots

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