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Gunslinger Description

Discover the Wild West in this free-to-play browser game, taking on your determined opponents in fast-paced duels as a rebellious and fearless outlaw.


Gunslinger is a browser based simulation game set in the dusty plains of the Wild West. You start the game by selecting from one of six fierce-looking avatars – three male and three female – after which you can begin dueling against other opponents. With every successful duel your gunslinger will earn duel points, money, credits, experience, as well as respect. The more you have of each of these factors, the more weapons you can purchase, opponents you can challenge, and the more you can rise to the top of the western world.

The free-to-play western-themed browser game has an extensive game map, which is unlocked as you progress through the game and defeat your enemies. Strive to become a fearless and feared figure and earn a reputation as a quick-thinking, tough, and talented gunslinger. Visit the in-game gunsmith to repair your damaged weaponry, change the difficulty level of your duel, and purchase nifty weaponry and items to help you in the intense duels in the browser based game Gunslinger.

Some of the available items in the Wild West browser game Gunslinger include cigars, pocket knives, holsters, ammo belts, gun maintenance kits, hipflasks, light bullet protection, dynamite, gun cylinders, bolts and springs, gun barrels, cowboy hats, belts, coats, and more. Some items are only available once you have reached a certain level in the online game. Guns available include the Colt Peacemaker, the Remington, the Russian, the Smith & Wesson and more. Use your victory money to update your gear, and overcome your dueling opponents with ease.

by Kyle Hayth

Gunslinger Screenshots

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