Gunshine: Major Expansion Brings the Undead to Your Doorstep!

12/20/2011 05:34 am in News

It is official – the first major expansion for the free-to-play shooter, Gunshine, has been rolled out and the zombies are now everywhere. The update brought along new features and content as well as other improvements for your enjoyment!


The Zombies Online expansion was introduced to the free-to-play shooter, Gunshine, yesterday and has players running for their lives! The Zombies have taken over Dawnbreak and now it is your turn to fight back and make sure to survive. As with most updates, there is also a bunch more stuff to do in the game world with a load of new content being introduced.

Some of the new content that made its way to Gunshine with the expansion yesterday include a new starting flow, roughly 100 new quests for players of all levels, new sound effects and music... and of course, the entire world now is swarming with zombies.

In addition to the new quests and other content added to Gunshine, there have also been several improvements made to the general gameplay. Some exploits have been fixed, inventory size increased, various game balance tweaks and more were all aimed at improving your gameplay experience.

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