Guns of Redemption
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Guns of Redemption
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Guns of Redemption Description

Venture deep into the Wild West, and get ready for action-packed standoffs, dusty streets and rowdy saloons. Who will be the fastest to reach for their holster and draw their gun?


Guns of Redemption takes you into the lonesome world of the Wild West. Will you be a ruthless and feared outlaw, stealing what you can to make a crust? Or will you be a stoic sheriff defending the law and protecting the public from terror?

Whether you are a terrifying bandit or a fierce sheriff, gun battles are inevitable. Armed with a shiny colt or a slick weapon of your choice, go into battle and either protect or defy the law. Battles in Guns of Redemption can be played with more than one avatar at a time, so the challenges never end. You call the shots with a fully customisable character – pick a name and choose from one of many gruff faces.

Decide whether you face the duels solo as a lonesome cowboy, or form a posse with other players to strengthen your force. In Guns of Redemption you can also create dozens of ‘brother’ avatars to watch your back. Partake in exciting duels using your Guns of Redemption. But be sure your gun is faster than your enemy’s so you instil fear in your opponents!

Ensure you take good care of your equipment – in the western world it is all you have to protect yourself. You will be given a horse, who will become your closest companion in the coldblooded world of the Wild West.

The Western MMORPG Guns of Redemption was created by Seal Media and released in summer 2010. It features unique graphics, interactive pages and exciting duels. Choose which side of the law you’re on - either as a barbarous thieving outlaw or chivalrous and valiant sheriff. Saddle up and climb onto your horse, load your Colt with fiery ammunition, and ride into the towns and prairies of the Wild West.

by Kyle Hayth

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