Guns and Robots
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Guns and Robots
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Guns and Robots Description

Robots have taken over the world and they are heavily armed! Your only chance of survival is to create your own robot and blast your way through hordes of enemies.


The online world of Guns and Robots is quite a dangerous one! There are mad robots out there shooting at everyone and everything. You better prepare yourself and find ways to defend yourself. Offense is the best defense, they say, so your primary mission is crystal-clear: Build your own robot! In Guns and Robots, you construct your robot from scratch combining parts and components as you wish. You can either create a huge monster or a tiny robot that can be just as deadly. Let your fantasy run wild and build something that is totally unique and customized to fit your personal style.

Guns and Robots has several maps that you can explore. Depending on which map you pick, you will find different gameplay modes such as Capture the Flag or Death Match. The key to success in the game is the right balance between the design of your robots on the one hand and the weapons you give them on the other hand. There are many different weapons available, which can be upgraded just like the robots themselves. Make sure to equip your robots with guns that fit their profile. Light-weight robots need different weapons than heavy ones, while middle-weight robots can prove successful in practically every situation. Some of the robots are even able to handle more than one gun at the same time! Weapons in Guns and Robots are classified according to their visual specs and functionality. You will find light long range machine guns as well as heavy weapons that are not quite as precise, but all the more destructive.

Winning a battle will reward you with in-game currency which you can use to buy better equipment for your robots. Guns and Robots is a fun third-person shooter and basically free-to-play. As most online games there are some special weapons and advantages that can only be purchased with real money, using micro transactions within the game.

Guns and Robots Screenshots

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