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Gundog Description

Choose to align yourself with the Union or the Empire and take part in action-packed battles as a bestial hero with a heart and soul made of iron. In this fun shooter, it is all about bullets and barks.


In this world of all-out war, there are two factions fighting to take control. Both the Union and the Empire refuse to give up any ground and let one side or the other enjoy victory. The endless fighting is costing more and more resources, as well as lives, as reinforcements are needed on the front. As a freshly recruited puppy warrior, you will have to rise to the challenge and show that you have a bite as well as a bark.

Gundog is a free-to-play, client-based game which puts you into battle as a rough-and-tumble dog soldier. Set in a world-wide animal war, you will have to load up with high-caliber weapons and make your way across the battlefield to defeat your enemies. Teamwork is just as important as a quick trigger finger when it comes to winning the battle. Various game modes and maps are available to you, always presenting you with new challenges.

The graphics of the online title is reminiscent of the cel-shading effects. The perspective is much like other free-to-play shooters, also from the third-person perspective.

There are six different classes available in Gundog. Every figure plays a specific and unique role on the battlefield. For example, the sniper is a first-class shooter from ranged, while the medic is ready to revive his teammates at any time. Your choice of class is not permanent – during the rounds you can change your class, meaning you can change your class in almost an instant during the course of battle.

One of the more unique features of Gundog is the card-playing elements built into the game. You can collect cards which can be used to improve your character and outfit your soldiers just how you see fit.

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