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Gummy Drop
What to expect:
  • Free-to-play Match-3 Puzzle Game
  • Packed Full of Challenges and Objectives
  • Collect Power-Ups to Reach High Scores
  • Play On-The-Go on your Mobile Device
  • Compete Against Friends with Facebook Integration
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Download Gummy Drop for free on your Mobile Device

Collect three or more gum drops and play through dozens of unique puzzles in this free mobile game.


Gummy Drop is a Match-3 puzzle game that offers sweet challenges to anyone with a mobile device. Download the app for free and dive into a world filled with tasty treats and sticky bonbons. The overall gameplay is pretty simple: Connect three or more objects of the same color to remove them from the board. To play through all challenges ahead, you will also have to complete certain objectives like collecting a certain amount of bricks or clearing all tiles at least once.

Your main goal is to reach the target score for each and every new level you tackle. Why? Not only to advance further in Gummy Drop, but also to unlock the best possible rating and rake in stars. Different power-ups will help you reach a new highscore more quickly and rid the board of pesky drops that might be in the way of big combos. Just take the Lightning Strike, for instance: With this sizzling bonus, you will remove all blocks of one particular type.

Rewards include gold coins and building blocks which can be used to purchase in-game items and expand the online world of Gummy Drop. A boost that adds five additional moves might not seem like much on paper, but can turn out to be a real life saver (pun very much intended). The game's interface will always keep you in the loop on how many moves you have left to finish the quest. You will have to start from the beginning once the counter hits zero. That’s okay though, as every playthrough is unique and will be put together randomly. This mobile game is brought to you by Big Fish Games.

Gummy Drop can be connected to your Facebook account not only to share your best score online, but also to invite friends and family to play the free-to-play app with you. You can also reach out to fellow puzzlers this way, either to meet new people or reach out for help. Other Match-3 titles include Candy Crush Saga, Panda Pop and Frozen Free Fall.

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