Game of the Day: Guild Wars 2

09/21/2015 05:53 am by Benjamin Robson in Game of the DayDownload GamesNCSoft

Game of the Day: Guild Wars 2

It was only a matter of time until Guild Wars 2 graced these sacred halls with its presence. It has been an iconic MMORPG ever since the first installment in the franchise. Now it’s even better that it’s completely free-to-play.

Just a few weeks ago, NCSoft announced that Guild Wars 2 would go free-to-play, at the same time that it announced the latest expansion: Heart of Thrones. This made MMORPG fans everywhere jump for joy, as one of the big hitters in terms of online multiplayer games joined the ranks of free-to-play MMOs

There are a couple of reasons that Guild Wars 2 has made it to the Game of the Day list; firstly because of the respect the Guild Wars series deserves, and secondly due to how much fun the gaming experience is. When we first downloaded the game, we thought it would be a lot like many of the other MMORPGs available for free on the market; generic questing and grinding. Guild Wars 2, however, features some pretty cool characters and a fantastic storyline.

Not only is the story and gameplay solid, the visual effects and graphics are great. You can explore a living, breathing fantasy world packed with NPCs and interesting quests. We would recommend Guild Wars 2 to pretty much everyone, but mainly MMORPG fans, and those that like fantasy worlds to explore with their friends.

Guild Wars 2 is available to download for free from their official website. Click the button below to head over there and check it out!

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