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Guild Wars 2
What to expect:
  • Play for Free with your Friends Online
  • Massive Fantasy World to Explore
  • Choose from Multiple Classes and Races
  • PvP and PvE Gameplay
  • Loads of Abilities and Weapons to Crush your Enemies
  • Download Games
  • NCSoft
  • RPG
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Play Guild Wars 2 for free and enter a living, breathing MMO world

Guild Wars 2 drops you into a diverse fantasy world with thousands of other players. Download for free and explore the Guild Wars 2 Universe.


Guild Wars 2 is an iconic MMO with a huge fan base, and the main content of the game is now free. Unlike other MMORRPs there is not one final destination or challenge to beat, or one final boss to down, you have to carve your own path through the world and choose your own destiny.

Download the game for free and choose from five different races, eight professions, and a wide range of abilities and spells. The races in Guild Wars 2 are a diverse group of fearsome and powerful creatures:

  • Sylvari: Mysterious beings who awaken beneath the Pale Tree. The Sylvari are constantly in search of knowledge about their new home.
  • Asura: Tiny mystical scientists that use their superior intelligence and knowledge of magic to overcome their enemies.
  • Human: These resilient people continue to fight with every last drop of strength that they have left.
  • Norn: Towering warriors that are experienced in battle and exceptional hunters.
  • Charr: There is no place for the weak amongst the Charr. The only thing that matters for them is victory at any cost.

Dynamic Multiplayer Combat

The combat system in Guild Wars 2 will have you coming back for more. You have to use your skill and agility to achieve victory. You have to dodge enemy attacks, use quick thinking to survive, and have perfect timing to get the most out of your character. You can also use the surrounding environment to your advantage in combat; sometimes your existing power isn’t enough and you need to use items and weapons that you find around you to help.

Each profession has the ability to cast impressive magic to crush their foes. You can call down a flock of vicious birds of prey, summon creatures to fight by your side, or wield the most powerful magic to see your enemies off.

Muliple Powerful Classes

Choose a class that fits your style perfectly, whether it’s the powerful Necromancer, fearless Warrior, or the sneaky Thief. The free-to-play game allows you to team up with other players to build the perfect band of warriors to complete quests and take down the toughest of enemies.

Guild Wars 2 is available for download completely free from their official website. Click the button below and download the MMORPG now!

Guild Wars 2 Screenshots

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