Guardians of Divinity: Get your Free Gift Code!

01/28/2016 06:16 am by Benjamin Robson in GiveawaysBrowser GamesOnline Games

The free to play MMORPG Guardians of Divinity launched not too long ago, and we are here to support all of the new players by giving away loads of free items and resources to help them along the way.

For those that haven’t heard of Guardians of Divinity, it’s a browser-based MMORPG from the creators of Felspire and features characters that have been given divine power by the gods. The evil Hades has started an age of eternal suffering and destruction, and it’s up to the hero to return the seat of power to the rightful owners. These bonus codes will be sure to help bring Hades down and restore peace to the world:

Experience Potion2

This giveaway has ended.

In order to redeem your free Guardians of Divinity code, click the button below and create a character. Once you’ve played for a short time to reach level 31, you can click on the Hall of Rewards icon in the upper right corner and open the Gift Code tab. From there you just paste the code and you will get your free gifts.

Guardians of Divinity is completely free-to-play, so get involved with the MMORPG by clicking the button below.

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