Grand Theft Auto III
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Grand Theft Auto III
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Grand Theft Auto III Description

Have you been to Liberty City? If you say no, or even worse, don’t even know what Liberty City is, you have to take a closer look at this open-world action game published by Rockstar Games. It has changed what players have come to expect from this genre.


In 2001, Rockstar Games revolutionized open-world gaming when they released Grand Theft Auto III for the PlayStation 2. It was the first installment in the GTA series that used a 3D game engine and quickly became the best-selling video game of the year. The action game set the standard not only for all of the following installments in the series, but also open-world gaming in general. To celebrate its ten-year anniversary, the publisher decided it was high time for the game to also be released for Android and iOS devices.

In Grand Theft Auto III, you slip into the role of Claude, a bank robber who becomes more and more entangled in the world of gangs, crime, and corruption in Liberty City. The GTA series has made the life of a criminal more fun than almost any other game we can think of. It features a dense storyline with black humor, a versatile soundtrack, and many intriguing characters. While the action game features multiple quests and missions that will keep you busy for weeks, the series has become equally as popular among casual gamers for its open world gameplay. You feel like running around the city stealing any car you see to then simply cruise around the streets? Grand Theft Auto III allows you to do so. The mobile game features exactly this balance between randomly walking around and exploring a fun and entertaining story.

For the mobile adaptation, Rockstar Games has updated the graphics, characters, and vehicle models to bring out the best of what your mobile device can depict. The visuals are all presented in HD resolution and the controls have been customized for an optimal touch screen gaming experience.

If you’ve ever wanted to check out the iconic 3D beginnings of the GTA series or simply re-live them, head on over to the Google Play Store or iTunes Store to purchase and download Grand Theft Auto III.

Grand Theft Auto III Screenshots

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