Grimlands: From Major Project to Kickstarter Campaign ***UPDATE***

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Since development has been so famously halted from publishers gamigo AG, there hasn’t been much heard about the post-apocalyptic MMORPG, Grimlands. It appears that the title might be resurrected in the form of a Kickstarter campaign…

After successfully making it through two Closed Beta testing phase and coming back with apparently positive results, it was still the decision of publishers gamigo to shut down the further development of Grimlands. However, it may yet see the light of day as it has officially entered into the world where dreams can indeed come true – Kickstarter.

The campaign has just started, so the amount of money raised so far is still quite low. The total needed for the campaign to launch is $650,000 and that is certainly no small amount of money.
The Grimlands Kickstarter campaign will run until May 2nd, meaning that fans of the title will have roughly a month to pledge their cash if they want to experience the world of Grimlands once more. Much like other campaigns, the more you donate, the more exciting things you will be given!
If you want to donate to the campaign, you can visit the Grimlands' campaign page..

Source: Press release/game homepage

It would seem that the project has been taken offline by the creators.

According to a post made just after the project was cancelled, the amount raised was not close enough to get to the goal ($35,050 out of the needed $650,000) and therefore has been taken offline.

However, they said that there was a silver lining to the Kickstarter project as it has attracted the attention of a number of investors and they are now in "active discussions" to finish the game with said investors.

Source: Kickstarter campaign page
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