Grimlands: New Info Released on Beta Status and Success

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The Closed Beta testing phase for the upcoming, free-to-play MMORPG, Grimlands, seems to be going swimmingly. In light of such a successful Closed Beta, publishers gamigo have released some new info on why it is so successful and the changes being made.

The testers in the post-apocalyptic lands of Grimlands have been working hard and putting the new MMORPG through its’ paces since the Closed Beta began in April of this year. According to the publishers, the game has changed a lot since then and in their latest press release, they revealed some of the highlights and new features.
As part of some of the larger expansions that have taken place, there have been eight new dungeons added to Grimlands, as well as a number of new quests and four completely new regions – Reville, Greenville, Hartfield and Mutant Valley.

Additionally, there has been a great amount of attention devoted to the environments and textures. These changes that were made optimize the look as well as the performance of the graphics, meaning that older machines should also be able to run the game as well.

Make sure to check back in the near future as they have announced in the press release that more information will be unveiled at Gamescom, which is taking place this week!

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