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Grimlands Description

Twenty years after the massive earthquakes ruined the earth, there are still people trying to scrape out a living. Only one thing should be on your mind in this post-apocalyptic world: survival.


Grimlands is an online role-playing game (RPG) and first person shooter (FPS) hybrid. You must create a character and learn to survive in a world that has been torn apart for twenty years. Remember, the environment isn’t the only thing that will kill you here.

Allowing you to completely build a character suited to your playstyle, Grimlands features a unique skill development system. As you level your character, you will learn new skills and abilities; however, they will be lost or become less effective if they are not regularly used.

You are not the only one in the world of Grimlands. As a MMORPG, there can be up to hundreds of players online at the same time and because every day is a struggle for survival, do not think that others would be hostile. There are wide-ranging player versus player combat opportunities, so you must always be on your toes.

If you manage to make it long enough to find a vehicle that is functioning, Grimlands lets you customize it. Travel across the wastelands in style with your very own vehicle. Not only will you be able to move more quickly, you will be able to upgrade and change it to fit your needs.

There is also an extensive crafting system at your disposal in Grimlands. Create new and more powerful weapons or upgrade that piece armor so that you are that much more protected with the system. You can use parts and pieces that you buy or simply find in the world around you to help you craft.

The world of Grimlands is a very dangerous place and can only be dealt with by keeping your eyes open and your ears sharp. Team up with or fight against hundreds of other players as you adventure across the wasteland in hopes of surviving until the next day...

by Kyle Hayth

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