Grepolis: Quick Guide to Godly Heroes

04/18/2014 05:00 am by Anna Radak in Tips & TricksBrowser GamesAncient World

As an addition to regular units, InnoGames added heroes to Grepolis. Players won't purchase them with usual resources, but special coins that can be unlocked by playing through island quests. Every hero is reminiscent of a Greek god or goddess and has access to a unique ability. Investing coins into the browser game will not only unlock new heroes one by one, but also level up existing ones and increase both their attack power and defense value.

Gods will stick with you even when you start on a new Grepolis server and, since they are gods, they are immortal. Losing them in a fight doesn't mean that they are out of your gamer life forever. Instead, they will simply retreat and regain their strength from the safety of your base. Heroes are only willing to protect you and the cities you reign over, meaning they cannot be sent to allied strongholds to help out with attacks.
If you happen to play on a world that currently allows for hero gods, you will start out with two open slots. More will become available as you unlock more levels of culture in Grepolis. Assigning one hero to a city will grant you extra special powers and additional defense when protecting your belongings from raiders or other players.

Grepolis currently features two types of heroes, the Heroes of War and the Heroes of Wisdom. Here’s a first glimpse over who will gladly join you in battle and take out enemy targets with ease:
Heroes of WarHeroes of Wisdom
< coming soon >Terylea
Source: Official game homepage
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