Grepolis: Become a Hero and Conquer the World

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With the launch of Grepolis 2.0, players got the chance to fight for honor and glory in a new way – on Hero Worlds. These worlds are only for the most elite of players and feature their own special rules. There are different ways in which you can access these worlds and we wanted to collect them all here for you.

What is a Hero World?

These worlds are just an extension of the normal Grepolis worlds that you are used to. However, Hero Worlds offer a new goddess with new powers, mythical units, increased building levels and new structure graphics.

Additionally, the academies in Hero Worlds offer up brand new technologies which will add new ways to play Grepolis.

How do I get into a Hero World?

All players who have the “Ruler of ___” or “Master of ___” award will be allowed to enter the Hero Worlds. That means, you have to have been a member of a winning alliance on any one of the normal Grepolis worlds. But like we already said, there is more than one way to get into these special, elite worlds. 

For those of you who may not have been in the winning alliance, there is a “Heroic Tactician” award which will also allow you to join.

Becoming a Heroic Tactican

There are five challenges that you must complete if you wish to earn the award of “Heroic Tactician”. Because it is no easy task to be on the winning alliance and fight in the Hero Worlds, these challenges are equally as… well, challenging.

To obtain the award, you must complete these challenges:
ChallengeNumber Required
Found a City1
Takeover a City1
Cast a Divine Spell100
Ranklisting Points20,000
So, there you have it. There are two ways for you to gain access to the Hero Worlds. Good luck conquerors!
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