Grepolis: Creating Our Own Mini-Greek Empire

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Grepolis is one of the more veteran browser-based strategy games out there and certainly one of the more popular ones. We figured it was high time, especially with last year's launch of Grepolis 2.0,  to check out what the hype was about and put the ancient Greek themed title to the test. From starting with nothing to attempting to build a mighty empire, we explored a number of various aspects of the online game and tried to make our mark on one of the many worlds.

Starting with Nothing – What Now?

Ah, an island in what appears to be a very Mediterranean-like sea… This was going to be our home for the duration of our adventure and we had to get right into the action. First, we scoped out the neighbors around us… and although you can’t gather too much information right off the bat, we got to see that there were a couple other players on our island and roughly the same level. We just hoped we wouldn’t be their first targets.

Home! Sweet home!

Of course, we had things to do other than ogle our neighbors, so we set to work following the tutorial and the starting quest line. While we really didn’t see a “backstory”, the starting quests were not only informative, but they were also a great way to get our hands on some resources that we would need later on to continue building up our city.

The expansion tree.

Quest after quest, we leveled up our warehouse, our senate, built a silver mine and more… We felt like we were getting a hang of the “being a Greek conqueror” thing pretty fast.

Choosing a God and Creating an Army

Every fledgling emperor needs an army and although the starting quests got us well on our way to having a formidable force, we still need to beef up our military still. Creating an army in Grepolis is quite simple – simply select the number and type of troops that we wanted to recruit.

Our massive selection of troops.

Each unit has different characteristics that make it better suited to do a job. For example, one of the best units for conquering a nearby farm is the Slinger. They are highly offensive and do a good job at quickly attacking the enemy. To improve the chances of success even further and add a little more punch to our troops, we could have also recruited a commander which increases our troop strength by 20%.

However, not every unit is available right away. We had to work our way up and research new types of troops. This is also where our choice of deity came into play…
There are five different gods that every player must choose from when first starting out in Grepolis – after building a temple of course - Zeus, Hera, Poseidon, Hades and Athena. By choosing a god, we receive special benefits and troops which are most beneficial. Each god has different attributes that can be used to improve our cities or troops, including a special unit which is much more powerful than a standard unit.
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