Grepolis: Brand new hero worlds as part of the approaching update to the strategy game!

12/01/2010 07:55 am in News

Grepolis 2.0 is getting closer, and as we approach the launch, game publishers are slowly revealing some of the new features of the significant game update. The next feature to be unveiled for the upcoming Grepolis version is the Hero Worlds.


This new feature has been especially designed for the exemplary players of the ancient strategy game Grepolis who have already battled for dominance. Hero worlds will give Grepolis players a chance to play in a new world with customized settings, after they have battled for dominance in the current game worlds.

With every world wonder that is built, players will receive special bonuses. As soon as your alliance builds four of the seven world wonders the current game ends, if it is a world that started after Grepolis 2.0, and everyone on that world will then ascend to the new Hero World.
In the Hero Worlds the villages produce more resources, your farm will be able to support more troops, the recruitment time of units will be reduced and new divine powers will be available.

Grepolis is a building and strategic browser game set in Ancient Greece, published by InnoGames (Tribal Wars, Tribonia). You start the MMOG with your own island settlement, which you strive to expand into an impressive empire through construction, combat and technology research.

Source: Game homepage
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