Grepolis: New World Launching Today for Free-to-Play Strategy Game

01/30/2012 05:01 am in News

The battlegrounds are getting bigger as publishers InnoGames have announced a new world opening up for their free-to-play, browser-based strategy game, Grepolis. Old and new conquerors alike can revel in the fact that they can start fresh again!


With the forum section having gone live over the weekend, publishers InnoGames are preparing to launch the newest world in the free-to-play strategy game, Grepolis, today. Although there is no exact time, it is slated to go live sometime this afternoon.

The world, EN31 or Heraklion, will be added to the battlegrounds of Grepolis and offer up some great new territories to be conquered and fought over. The settings for the new server are as follows:

World speed is 1
Unit speed 2
Alliance limit is set at 85
Beginner protection is set to 5 days
Morale is inactive
Conquer system: Conquest

Source: Game homepage
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