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Greedion Description

A world of greed, corruption and bribery await you in this free-to-play browser game. Pay the right people the right amount and you might end up running the show...


Greedion is a free-to-play, browser-based simulation game in which it is your goal to get on top of the financial world. However, unlike other games, this online game encourages dirty-dealing and risky business decisions in order to make the profit margins rise.

In Greedion, you must make wise investments in order to see your wealth increase. You have the opportunity to select businesses from around the world in which to invest and you have the ability to keep track of every cent.

Of course, not everything is nice in the world of investments and trading in Greedion and this is when insider trading comes in. This trading scheme could end up working quite well for you and could vastly increase your profits. But be wary, there are other businessmen out there who will send investigators after you to expose your dirty little secrets.

Everyone knows that there are also secret organizations with powerful people at their head all around the world and in Greedion, you have the chance to join one of them. Join a cabal and meet powerful allies whom you can use to your advantage and help secure your place in the business world.

The day to day dealings of a global business leader are not easy in Greedion. You may very quickly find yourself deep into espionage, bribery and other not-so-pleasant activities. However, if you can manage your accounts and avoid investigators, you could end up shaping world events and using them to create even more profits for yourself!

by Kyle Hayth

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