Grandpa and the Zombies
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Grandpa and the Zombies
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Grandpa and the Zombies Description

Tricky puzzles, rotting zombies and delicious candy await you in this free mobile game. Are you ready to escape the hospital and help Grandpa Willy woosh past the walking dead in his wheelchair? Then tap your touchscreen and make all the right moves...


A zombie apocalypse has turned the world upside down and the streets are empty as everyone’s either already been infected by the walking dead or locked up at home, hoping to survive another day. Not grandpa, though. He’s just woken up from his slumber in the hospital and has to face a horde of zombies, eager to devour his brains and turn Willy into one of their own.

Thank goodness the grumpy old man is as tough as nails and not afraid to take on these undead creatures. He does need your help to escape the clinic, however, as he’s bound to a wheelchair and not exactly traveling at lightning speed. Use the touchscreen technology of your mobile device to move him across different levels and beat all the challenges that Grandpa and the Zombies has to offer!

In this free-to-play mobile game, it is your goal to escape each room without getting gnawed on by zombies. Bonus points will be added to your overall rating if you manage to collect every piece of candy within these maps and complete the challenge in as little time as possible. Not moving around too much and only taking the steps necessary to exit the hospital will also increase your highscore. Don’t worry if you don’t get the highest rating on your first try - you can always go back and replay the Grandpa and the Zombies level that you just botched. There’s a quick and easy way for you to share your score with friends after playing through a challenge. Simply hit the share button!

Grandpa and the Zombies is a casual game that is available as a free download for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. Willy will always move as far as he can until he reaches an obstacle, so you will have to take advantage of walls and other sturdy objects to guide gramps to safety. Keep an eye out for Halitosis Jack and the Forklift of Evil who are challenging boss monsters that have made it their goal to stop your from fleeing...

Grandpa and the Zombies Screenshots

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