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Grand Fantasia
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Grand Fantasia Description

Dive into the fantastic world of Saphael. Many exciting adventures await you there. You wander alone or with friends across the country and meet many dangerous enemies...


You start in the online role-playing game Grand Fantasia by creating your own character. There are many different options available to give your character an individual look.

There are eight different races in Grand Fantasia. Choose to which you want to belong. Your skills are growing larger as you complete more levels. There are many exciting quests to complete in Grand Fantasia. To master all challenges, it is advantageous for you to make friends in the game as soon as possible. Together, you are stronger and can withstand even the most terrifying enemy.

In Grand Fantasia, you even have the possibility to create a sprite, which will accompany you on your journey through the colorful fantasy world. Of course, PvP duels are also part of the game. If you feel strong enough, you can challenge other players to fight and prove how well your character has developed.

In order to play Grand Fantasia, you simply download the client, and then immediately jump into the game.

by Kyle Hayth

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