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Grand Voyage
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Grand Voyage Description

Grand Voyage is a marine online game where players skim through the dangerous seas of Europe. You manage ports, build ships and engage in pirate gunfights in an interesting blend of seafaring role playing experiences.


Set in the European age of discovery and sailing, Grand Voyage is a browser-based RPG that allows players to traverse historical cities complete with distinctive cultures. Featuring a deep resource system, you earn silver and prestige through trading to acquire materials. Through continued exploration and trading, you can create a fleet of new ships for battle.

Grand Voyage takes place in the 16th century, an age of early companies, large maritime cities and the peak of commodities. You enter a world of a real-time economy based on player interaction and trading. The strategy title features a stock-like market with prices increasing and decreasing based on real-time demand. But be careful, the high seas are dangerous, prices fluctuate based on demand and location, goods are specialized in various ports and each captain can only make a limited number of trades per day.

You begin your career in Grand Voyage as a small-time unknown captain. As you progress, your experience, trading abilities and battle record enable you to earn additional skills from instances and skill books. Divided into combat and trading skills, the skill groups allow deep customization to take a no-name pirate and rise to the ranks of Magellan, De Gama and more famous explorers and pirates. Through cunning exploration and battle techniques you can turn that Caravel Yawl into a Galleon Warship in no time.

Other features of Grand Voyage include a robust social system, including opponents, guilds and other human interactions to increase your odds of success or team up to bring down opposing forces and instances. PvP incorporates crossrealm play, allowing the most powerful players to compete no matter the realm of their choosing to become the most legendary captain on the high seas.

Grand Voyage Screenshots

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