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Granado Espada
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Granado Espada Description

Set on a dark and dangerous continent, this free-to-play role-playing game takes players on a fantastical adventure full of combat, quests and discovery.


Granado Espada is a fantasy-themed MMORPG set in the war-torn land of Granado Espada. With a rocky past and an uncertain future, this land is seeking new heroes that can save it from the brink of destruction. Show off your heroic traits and combative skills as you take on your enemies in the name of restoring peace and balance to this once powerful land.

In the client-based MMORPG Granado Espada, players are given multi-character control (MCC) with the ability to control up to three characters at once. You are instantly able to switch between your characters, and can even command them all at the same time. There are five character classes available in the fantasy-themed client game, including the Musketeer, the Fighter, the Wizard, the Elementalist and the Scout.

The Elementalists are able to harness the immense powers of the elements –ice, fire and lightning – to cast hefty spells on their opponents. The Scouts are a versatile class, with exceptional healing abilities, in addition to strength in combat. The Musketeers are damage dealers, relying on rifles and pistols to stop their enemies in their tracks. The Fighters are a brave and tough class, and have the ability to both dish out and receive a great deal of damage. The Wizards are a magical class, with a unqiue ability to cast evil spells, use telekinetic powers, and are masters of levitation.

There are various combat modes in the free-to-play fantasy game Granado Espada including clan wars, family vs family dueling, faction vs faction wars, tournaments and arena matches. Experience the graphically impressive world of Sword 2 and save Granada Espada from the grips of despair!

by Kyle Hayth

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