Governor of Poker 3
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Governor of Poker 3
What to expect:
  • Play Poker against Other Players
  • Customize Your Own Character
  • Earn In-Game Currency and Experience Points
  • Level Up Your Character
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  • Poker
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Play Governor of Poker 3 - A Card Game Set in the Wild West

In the free card game Governor of Poker 3, you slip into the role of a Texas Hold’em playin’ cowboy who loves a good round against other players.


It’s one thing to be able to play poker against AI opponents. Sure, it can be challenging, and you’re more likely get much better at the game, but it’s always more satisfying to play against other real players. In the free-to-play online game Governor of Poker 3, you can finally test your poker-skills against other players. For the first time in the series’ history, you get to find out whether your poker-face really does hold up against real opponents. The more successful you are, the more in-game currency you will win. And in the end, that’s what poker is actually all about - earning as much money as possible, whether you have a great hand or not.

Every cowboy and every cowgirl really cares about their looks - why else would they be wearing such fancy hats? Use your hard-earned currency to purchase new pieces of clothing. How about a brand new cowboy hat to further impress your opponents? Or a new pair of boots? In Governor of Poker 3, you can make sure that your character really reflects how you want to look as a cowboy.

Earn XP and Currency in Governor of Poker 3!

Every poker player has to start somewhere. In the free card game, you will need to slowly work your way up the ranking. By winning a game, you will not only earn in-game currency, but also gain experience points. Collect XPs to level up your character, which will allow you to visit more advanced saloons where the stakes are a lot higher.

In the browser game, you will play regular games of Texas Hold’em. Each player gets two cards at the beginning of the round. Three cards are placed in the middle of the table and are uncovered. After each round, another card is added to the middle until there are five cards. The highest winning-hand wins - unless you manage to trick your opponents into believing that your hand is better than theirs. Don’t worry though if you’re not familiar with the rules, since you will learn the ropes in Governor of Poker 3.

Governor of Poker 3 Screenshots

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