Gotham City Impostors: Batman-Themed First-Person Shooter Now Free-to-Play

08/30/2012 23:27 pm by Kyle Hayth in NewsDownload GamesFirst-Person Shooter

The free-to-play world of comic games has just gotten a little bit bigger with Gotham City Impostors now being free-to-play. The new title will challenge players to take on the role of a vigilante or a wannabe criminal, all set in the city of Gotham.

With the release of the latest film, The Dark Knight Rises, it seems that Batman-fever has everyone in its grip. This time, Warner Brothers have got the bug and they have just recently made a business model change for the new free-to-play title, Gotham City Impostors.
Originally released in February of this year, Gotham City Impostors can now be enjoyed by anyone and everyone without having to shell out the dough to play. Not only that, the game is also available on the Steam store as well.

In a likeness to other free-to-play shooters such as Team Fortress 2, players will be able to experience the Batman universe like never before as they either try to sweep the streets clean of criminals or let chaos run free as a member of the self-appointed Junior Jokerz army.

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