Gotham City Impostors
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Gotham City Impostors
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Gotham City Impostors Description

In this free-to-play FPS, you get the chance to experience the dark world of Gotham city like never before. Fight as a vigilante or a criminal – but regardless of which side you are on, you will have your work cut out for you.


The war is waging on the streets of Gotham between wannabe vigilantes and rogue criminals. In Gotham City Impostors, you will have to choose whether you wish to fight as Batman’s “helper” on the side of good or one of the Junior Jokerz that wish nothing more than to see chaos reign. It is much easier to just shoot criminals than lock them up and the folks that have dressed up as Batman are doing just that as a small army of self-appointed criminals are roaming the streets.

In Gotham City Impostors, you will have the chance to not only experience the world of Batman in a first-person shooter style game, you will have the opportunity to customize the game just how you’d like as well. You can choose different guns, gadgets and a bunch of wacky hair-dos that show off your personality and playing style. There are no rigid character classes in this game, meaning you can be one big ole’ buff gentleman wielding ridiculously sized weapons or strap on the roller skates and pick up a hunting bow.
The more you fight, the more experience you will earn in Gotham City Impostors. With 1000 levels of player advancement, you can find all sorts of upgrades and unlocks. You can develop your imposter by proving yourself in the solo challenges which will put your skills to the test or rise up to the top of the scoreboard by laying waste to the streets and those pesky folks with guns.

Clean up the streets or cause pure chaos in Gotham City Impostors. The choice is up to you and with loads of customization options, you will never be out of ways to upgrade or improve your character.

by Kyle Hayth

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