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Gothador Description

Enter the deepest, darkest realms of the underworld in this frightening MMORPG. Move around an interactive world and take on terrifying monster enemies...


Gothador has all the elements of the underworld – darkness, evil, as well as enemies never before seen, transporting you to a fearful place. The free-to-play browser game Gothador combines role-playing and strategy, as you journey across a desolate and disturbed land. Starting out, you have the chance of moving in one of eight different directions. As you move around you can interact with other players, make new friends, or simply fight against enemy NPCs and players.

The more experience your character has, the quicker you level up, unlocking more skills and more adventures. Gothador also has a character progression system that enables players with enough experience points to transform into vampires, monks, demons or angels. Each player has various stats that you must monitor, including attack, defense, damage and wisdom. These increase or decrease according to your actions.

Some of the skills that can be learned in the web-based MMORPG Gothador include Sense, Detect, Free Speech, Creature Locate, Anti-Theft, Regenerate, Master Miner, Multi Ring, Secure Trade, Revive, Cloak, Frenzy, Miner Class, Mine Fighter and Critical Hit. Once you have mastered any of these skills, your character will benefit from significant advantages over other players and terrifying enemies.

Learn to harness the power of magic to overthrow your enemies in the devilish browser game Gothador. Journey through the dark and mysterious world and unlock the devilish secrets behind the free-to-play thriller web game, Gothador.

by Kyle Hayth

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