Goodgame Galaxy
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Goodgame Galaxy
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Goodgame Galaxy Description

The vastness of the universe lies before you and with your ship and crew at your command, it is up to you to explore the outer reaches of space, discovering new worlds and broadening the extraterrestrial frontier in this free-to-play browser based game.


There is nothing that can compare to the unending expanse that is outer space, but it is up to you to seek out uncharted regions and conquer the cosmos in Goodgame Galaxy, where everything is up for grabs. You’ll start out in command of a space station, so you won’t be able to simply fly off into the darkness just yet. First you will need to focus on expanding your station by collecting resources and adding new modules. Eventually all of your hard work and research will pay off and you will be able to start building starships and finally crack that first barrier of mobility. Shortly after you have completed your first starship production area, you will be able to manufacture Hornets, which are the entry level starships that will allow you to beginning expanding your reach to nearby planets and space stations.

Using your new transportation vessels, you can begin to work with other commanders and potentially form an alliance or two. With the help of others, you will be able to explore the universe more efficiently and work through the endless stream of quests much more quickly. The more you and your allies accomplish, the bigger and better the rewards will become.

Don’t let your guard down though, just like here on our home planet, not everyone is after the same thing, and even if others are, they might not want to share the spoils with you. This is where the action really begins. You will need to assemble a fleet capable of defending you and your allies’ space stations, but if you truly want to succeed and secure your foothold in the galaxy, you will be better server to increase the might of your fleet beyond the bare defensive minimum. Deterring others from attacking with a massive armada and being able to spare ships for missions of exploration and conquest, while still defending your stronghold is by far the best way to make your mark in Goodgame Galaxy.

Goodgame Galaxy Screenshots

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