Goodgame Empire: Alliance Cities Are Live

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Goodgame Empire

Goodgame Empire

It’s been a while since the last big update in the free-to-play strategy game Goodgame Empire. In April, Shadow Units were added to the browser game, introducing two new units and new content to the title. The current update launched today, and it brings Alliance Cities to Goodgame Empire.

Alliance Cities are a brand new feature in the RTS, and they add a new layer of strategy and fun to the online game. Any players who have founded an alliance with a Noble House will receive an Alliance City. It is different from regular cities, as players cannot directly choose which buildings should be built where. Instead, there is a general pattern which features four plots of land, gates, and walls. The alliance leader can order the construction of buildings on the empty plots. This will give the Alliance City a bonus which will increase its defense. The new feature works somewhat indirectly, as tools and troops cannot be sent directly to defend the city. Instead, the leader of the alliance chooses the distribution of troops and tools, and they will respawn automatically if they are defeated.

Explaining the New Feature:

With the arrival of the new feature, there will be regular events called Battle for the Royal Capital, where players can attack other Alliance Cities. During these events, players’ goal is to steal Royal Tokens from other alliances. The more tokens a city has, the more will be stolen when they are defeated. Very successful alliances will earn the Royal Capital as a sign of their victory.

Source: Official game homepage

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