Goodgame Empire: New Shadow Units in Latest Update

04/07/2016 07:20 am by Marcel Wuttig in NewsBrowser GamesOnline Games

Goodgame Empire

Goodgame Empire

Things are getting dark and gloomy in Goodgame’s real time strategy game Goodgame Empire. An update has gone live today which offers new content and features for Shadow Units. It looks like the Shadow Commander has thoroughly trained his troops in the past, as he is introducing players to two brand new units – the Deathly Shadows and Demon Shadows. Players can now recruit them in the shadow mercenaries camp. Unfortunately, these troops are still only available in shadow attacks. In other types of conflict, players have to continue relying on regular units. It is possible to regularly level up the two new units and thereby improve them.

The update also brings some improvements when it comes to exploring far away areas. The Everwinter Glacier (at level 18), the Burning Sands (at level 35), and the Fire Peaks (at level 45) can be unlocked a little earlier now for a ruby fee. Players who don’t have enough rubies can also do so using resources instead.

The update also features various bug fixes, some improvements for the user interface, and a few in-game balances.

Source: Official game homepage

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