Goodgame Empire: The Spring Nights Festival Is Coming Tomorrow

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Goodgame Empire

Goodgame Empire

Winter has been extremely strange this year. Between massive blizzards, intense thunderstorms, and record-breaking mild temperatures, we didn’t really know what to make of it. Thank god for free-to-play games such as Goodgame Empire that allow you to jump into seasonal events that couldn’t be any more ideal and perfect. The winter event of the strategy game brought festive prizes, seasonal decoration, and snow on the map. Looking at the calendar, we all know that spring is right around the corner. The Goodgame Empire community should also be aware of this when they jump into the real time strategy game after tomorrow. The folks over at Goodgame Studios are adding a brand new event to the browser game called the Spring Nights Festival.

It allows players to thoroughly celebrate the end of the dark and cold season and the beginning of spring. Anyone who accomplishes the event quests will be rewarded with points. The more they collect, the more prizes they will get. The event features new tools, troops, equipment, heroes, and decorations. Players with the highest points will also receive special rewards!

The Spring Nights Festival also adds an entirely new feature to Goodgame Empire. The so called Master Level gives players who have collected all possible points and therefore completed an event the chance to repeat the quests at a higher difficulty - namely the Master Level. The rewards will stay the same in the harder difficulty setting. Each prize will require more points to unlock however. This gives very talented players the chance to collect some event rewards various times, such as items, units, and heroes.

The Spring Nights Festival is coming to Goodgame Empire!

Originally, the Spring Nights Festival was scheduled to go live today, but according to the game forum, there have been a few issues that have forced the studio to postpone the launch until tomorrow. Players will have until April 11th to explore the vast content and features of the event.

Source: Press release, Official game homepage

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