Game of the Day: Goodgame Empire (Browser)

11/04/2015 05:37 am by Marcel Wuttig in Game of the DayBrowser GamesOnline Games

Goodgame Empire - Our Game of the Day

There are some studios out there that have defined and shaped the free-to-play gaming industry into what it is today. Take Goodgame Studios as an example, which have explored all kinds of genres and themes in their games. One of my favorite titles in their portfolio is Goodgame Empire. I thought it was more than appropriate timing for the strategy game to finally become our Game of the Day here at

If you’ve been thinking about playing a free browser based game in your spare time, I recommend Goodgame Empire, especially if you are a fan of medieval settings in building games. This has always been my type of favorite strategy game – collecting wood, stone, and iron to build houses, recruiting an army, and building farms to feed my population. I particularly love being able to delve into this type game for free whenever I feel like it. What’s even more satisfying is that instead of playing against bots, you get to battle it out and compete against other players.

Goodgame Empire stands out of the crowd with its straightforward and increasingly challenging gameplay. It is very satisfying to watch your town grow into a powerful kingdom. The graphics are stylized to give the online game a slightly cartoony look that distinguishes it from its competitors. This contributes to Goodgame Empire’s slightly tongue in cheek vibe.

If you need a new game to play on the side while you’re surfing the internet, Goodgame Empire might be just the title for you. It’s free-to-play, it’s addictive, and it has just the right amount of waiting time and active play-time for a browser based strategy game. Check it out by clicking on the green button below.

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