Goodgame Big Farm: Santa’s Workshop Coming to the Game

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Goodgame Big Farm

Goodgame Big Farm

The Goodgame Big Farm community has been able to delve into the Christmas event in the browser based game for a while already. There’s been winter rewards, a new quest line called Santa’s Wish List, and daily tasks. Since the guys and girls over at Goodgame Studios seem to enjoy nothing more than celebrating Christmas, they are bringing even more content to the seasonal event.

Later this month, on December 25th, players can check out the event called Santa’s Workshop. Stuffed and satisfied from their real life Christmas meal, the browser game community can delve into their digital farm and play a festive game with Santa himself. He has endless decorations in stock, and he wants all players to have a chance at winning them. All they have to do is use their Festive Stars earned in Santa’s Calendar to spin his wheel. More stars can always be purchased with gold, for those users that can’t get enough and want to further try their luck.

In case there’s a prize that someone definitely doesn’t want, they can delete it from Santa’s Wheel before spinning. Players are also advised to donate dollars and goods of their choice, as this will grant Candle Points. The more Candle Points a player has, the better his or her rewards will be.

In case you’re more of a strategic gamer, you should check out Goodgame Empire’s Christmas Event instead.

Source: Official game homepage

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