Goodgame Big Farm: Winter Festival Starts

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Winter Event in Goodgame Big Farm

It’s that time of year again, and Goodgame Big Farm never misses the chance to get involved in a good festive period. With Halloween behind us, Goodgame Studios are now treating players of its strategy farm game.

This year’s event is called Santa’s Wish List, and players have to help Santa to get some tasty farm goods to get ready for the festive season. There is a big team aspect in this event, as the entire cooperative is invited to help each other out to get some cool prizes for the group as a whole.

Goodgame Big Farm

Help Santa with Orders

The event will last for 5 weeks, starting on the 23rd of November. Each week there is a new order in from Santa, and each player has 6 days to fulfill the order or ask for help from their friends on the 7th day if they’re getting a bit desperate. Whenever an order is 100% completed, all of the players that contributed will get some special rewards.

Winter Rewards

There are loads of rewards up for grabs this year in Goodgame Big Farm, ranging from small rewards to big new decorations. Depending on how well your cooperative does, the reward can scale all the way up to a giant Ice Castle. Whenever a member contributes to one of the orders, a little progress meter slowly fills up to show how far there is to go for the cooperative in the strategy game. For those who want a full run-down of the event, head over to the official website by clicking the green button below.

Goodgame Big Farm is completely free-to-play, and is available to play in browser. Click the button below to get involved and start a farm.

Source: Official Website

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