Goodfellas 1930
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Goodfellas 1930
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Goodfellas 1930 Description

It is all about the family, and you are the Don. The decisions you make determine whether or not your name will go down in history. Being the head of a crime family is no easy task...


Goodfellas 1930 is a free-to-play browser game in which you are the head of a crime family. It is your job to upgrade and build that town up around you and create a crime empire that is the best in the world.

Travel across the U.S. to various cities that host a number of crime lords. Goodfellas 1930 allows you to spread your family to all the major cities in America. Rule your mob with an iron fist to ensure loyalty and bribe police to keep them off your back.

Recruit men and vehicles to reinforce your authority around town and across the U.S. By recruiting more men, you can protect yourself from other family’s attacks or carry out raids of your own. Remember, you are not the only one in this town.

Through business dealings in Goodfellas 1930 you can earn money. Whether it is dealing drugs, running alcohol or extorting people for extortion money, you will be sure to have some sort of income. Use this money to build up your town and make it a thriving hub.

The more you build up your town, the more options will be available to you in Goodfellas 1930. Continually upgrading buildings allows for more cash flow and a better score. Families are ranked by the score that they have against others around the world.

You can also create or join a gang. By doing so, you ensure some more protection from other powerful families. Gangs can be very useful to you in Goodfellas 1930.

Making you family’s name famous is no easy task, but if you play your cards right and eliminate the competition, you will top the leaderboards. Take your businesses across America to the biggest major cities and set up a new base of operations. Hire thugs and recruit vehicles to do the legwork for you, because as a Don, your job is to lead.

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