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Gondal Description

Travel as a lone ranger or with fellow fighters from adventure to adventure. Compete against other players. Learn to push your limits and discover this unique fantasy world...


The massively multiplayer online game Gondal takes you into the realm of dwarves, orcs and elves. You wander in typical RPG style through the Gondal universe accepting tasks and solving quests. They earn you money and experience. You can make good use of both in order to better equip your character in the game.

While you get to select a character at the beginning of the game with certain character values such as strength and cleverness, you can still expand them at any time with various items. These items are not cheap, however, and you cannot use them without the necessary experience. Because of this system the world of Gondal has constantly new challenges in store for you.

Another way to make money in Gondal is to battle with other players. You can bet on your victory but there is, of course, the risk of losing your money if you lose the fight. In the battles you have better chances if you are equipped with good weapons and good armor. Both you have to pay with gold. It's important to always have enough gold because then you can buy the required equipment which is necessary to climb in the rankings of Gondal.

Gondal appears quite elaborate and well balanced. Although it doesn't add any totally new features to the world of online role playing web games, all of the details are beautifully designed.

by Kyle Hayth

Gondal Screenshots

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