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Golfstar Description

Dressed in the latest in golf clothing, you show off your golfing skills on one of the vast golf courses. Improve your swing, participate in tournaments and form a guild of professional golfers...


Golfstar is a fun golfing game where you learn and improve your golfing skills, compete against other players in tournaments, and buy the latest in golfing gear and equipment to assist your game play. With highly detailed anime-style graphics and a realistic environment, you are taken directly to the heart of the golfing action.

Form a group with up to 30 other golfers and start playing a round of golf immediately. Golfstar is different from regular golfing tournaments, in that all players in one group can play at the same time, which means you don’t have to wait your turn. Be immersed in the excitement of 30 golfers competing against each other simultaneously.

In Golfstar there are six different golf courses to explore, each with varying challenges. As you progress through the game you are able to learn new exciting golfing skills. These are not only the active skills found in golf, but also the passive skills such as stamina and strength. To master these skills takes a lot of work, but in doing so you are set to gain huge advantages. Learn from your mistakes and become a golfing professional.

In the free-to-play client game Golfstar you can dress your professional golfer in the latest in colourful golfing clothing and accessories, ensuring you stand out amongst the crowd.

Practice your swing, participate in exciting golfing rounds, and aim to beat your opponents in the competitive tournaments in the online sports game Golfstar. With new skills and continuous practice you can become a highly skilled and professional golfer.

by Kyle Hayth

Golfstar Screenshots

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