Godus: Searching for New Gods with Android Release

11/28/2014 04:35 am by William Hankin in NewsSimulationStrategy



Only too often do gamers liken themselves to God, and with good reason, what with the ability to mold whole landscapes, nurture and kill living animals, and send whole nations to war at the click of a button. If that sounds familiar, then perhaps you have already heard of the free-to-play simulation game that is Godus. This visually stunning release is now available in the Google Play store for mobiles and tablets, so now Android users can also become a God on-the-go!
This free-to-play title invites players to create their own world and develop a society where life is beautiful and serene. That is, until opposing forces start raining down, destroying everything in their path. So yeah, newbies should probably watch out for that! It takes after other open-world building games like Minecraft - Pocket Edition and SkySaga, with its building techniques and sandbox style gameplay. What is more, players are given a lot of responsibility from the get-go with people, agriculture, and animals to look after. It's probably not for the type of gamer who, back in the day, had trouble looking after their Tamagotchi!
Stay tuned for more Godus news!

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