Godus: Frontier Age Coming Out This Week

10/14/2014 07:58 am by Marcel Wuttig in NewsSimulationStrategy

few weeks ago, the guys and girls over at 22cans introduced their upcoming major game update for the free-to-play simulation Godus. The mobile version of the PC game was only added to the iTunes Store in mid-August, but iOS users will also be able to enjoy the new content. The initial announcement did not mention a more specific release date, which the studio behind the simulation game shared now. 
Already this week, the new update called Frontier Age will be hitting all iPhones and iPads. It will not only bring Weyworld, but also a plethora of new cards to the title. Players will be able to start building the Ark as soon as the update hits the mobile game. Then, they can soon travel to Weyworld, the new exciting map that was announced a few weeks ago. Not all features that were announced are going to make it to Godus in the next patch. Sheep, flooding, springs, and the third tribe did not make it yet. As soon as they are completed to perfection, they will also make their way to the simulation. 
As though that weren’t enough, several new cards will help introduce players to the new world. Since it’s almost Halloween, the guys and girls behind Godus couldn’t prevent themselves from also adding some holiday related rewards. Witch hats, skull masks, pumpkin heads, graves, and pumpkin fields await players.

Source: Official game homepage
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